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Elyse's Country Journal

So whacha eatin’ for Thanksgiving?

You may be all over expressing gratitude on this day of Giving Thanks, especially if you are a yoga practitioner – you are surrounded by encouragement to feel grateful.  And so for that, we are grateful.  Yes, grateful for family and friends and heat and shelter and abundant food.  Oh, wait, food, here’s the catch. […]


Meditation, A Trip to Oaxaca, & Back on the Vegan Train

Morning Meditation Brrrrr – bringing in a few armloads of wood for the wood stove – smoke from the smoldering overnight fire spiraling up through the cold daybreak air – my Siberian husky, Nellie, sniffing the air for signs of the coyote that crossed the road a moment ago, just below the house.  Plunked down […]