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Just This: A Yoga Retreat

June 24 - June 29

Spend 5 days with Beryl
Omega Institute
Rhinebeck, NY

Take 5 days out of your busy life, to kick back, kick butt, get your energy up, and your stress levels down.  Have the time for a 4 mile walk or bike ride around the lake.  Get up early, meditate, cultivate mindfulness, and hang in the glorious summer that is the Hudson Valley.  There is NOTHING in the world like Omega Institute in late June.  A gorgeous place, great food (all prepared for you – 3 times a day – imagine that!!).  Nothing to do but start out your day with meditation, sweat through a terrific, therapeutic yoga practice, eat breakfast, then hang with a fabulous group of friends – new and old – and meander around campus – from the sanctuary to the book store, from the cafe to the lake.  And this special 5 day workshop still gives you the weekends on each end for other commitments.  But instead of humping it at your desk or computer from Monday to Friday, you are recharging and detoxing your life.   You don’t have to leave the world behind and run off to a cave to reduce stress.

In this 5 day retreat with author and yoga teacher Beryl Bender Birch, you can discover how to make your life a mindfulness practice and find serenity amid everyday uncertainty and turbulence. Through four forms of yoga practice—meditation, movement, conscious breathing, and yoga nidra—discover how to cultivate everyday mindfulness and gain a greater awareness and deeper understanding of who you truly are.

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Omega Institute
Rhinebeck, NY United States + Google Map